I teach ordinary guys how to become great at life and awesome with women.

14196169_1090163157742340_4396903130476690348_oWHAT MY STUDENTS HAVE BEEN SAYING ABOUT ME:

“After spending 1 day practising what I learned from David, I went out that evening and met a group of 7 girls who would not let me leave their side.”

– Andria, Georgia

“The last time I saw this guy in June 2014, he was with one of the hottest women in the Night Club, within a matter of 5 minutes of stepping into it. Everything he teaches, he can back up right on the spot. The layers and techniques promulgated by PUA’s are utterly supererogatory to this guy.”

– Matthew, Australia

“Dave is the opposite of any pickup guy I have ever met. You won’t see him chasing women, and yet there they are.”


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Join hundreds of guys who receive my free newsletter